Monday, 17 October 2016

Customer Reviews

Customer Review 1
Email help Service has been instrumental in solving key problems that were recurring in my Yahoo account. Whenever I would log into the account, I was overwhelmed by the size of junk emails that would fill my inbox preventing me from checking mails entirely.
I would frequently ignore important emails and as a result, was unable to provide exceptional client service. When I approached Email Help Service, a professional email troubleshooting service, they understood the cause behind junk mail getting into my Inbox directly, bypassing filters and rectified the issue by connecting me to the right Yahoo customer care number.
Customer Review 2
As a novice in terms of operating and using the computer itself, I had no idea how to set up Outlook on my desktop to access important business emails. When I approached the professional Email Help Service to help me address my concern, they directed me step by step into setting up the Outlook mail client and accessing my mails instantly.
I was connected to Outlook customer support through the guidance of a trained customer care executive who enabled me to configure my server settings for smooth email exchange. Thereafter, I was taken through a comprehensive walk through pertaining to accessing my contacts, filtering emails to get rid of junk, drafting high quality emails and carrying out common maintenance tasks.

The support team was especially instrumental in connecting me to the right Outlook customer service number, where expert technical executives were able to precisely help me understand key tasks related to password changes, account settings and bulk mail filtering.
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